Clutches, Cambelts & Water Pumps

As a vehicle workshop, Phoenix Autos offers a wide range of garage services to suit cars, vans, minibuses, etc. We also specialise in the fitting of cambelts, clutches and water pumps

  • Clutches & Cambelts

Two of the big costs with vehicle maintenance is without doubt the replacement of cambelts and clutches!  Here at Phoenix Autos, using over 30 years of experience we can fit your parts using the knowledge and training to ensure that the work is carried out as quickly and professionally as possible saving you hours of labour charges that you may get with other garages.  Along with our work guarantee giving you peace of mind without emptying your wallet!

At our garage in Fenton, Stoke on trent we are able to fit clutches and cambelts to all makes and models, including cars that people think would normally require main dealer fitting e.g. Ferrari and Porsche etc.

  • Water Pumps

With newer vehicles water pump fitting is getting to be more of a specialist job, often needing the removal of the serpentine (fan belt) and/or the cambelt in order to access the pump in order for it to be replaced.  Here at Phoenix Autos, our experienced technicians are able to replace your water pump in our Stoke on Trent garage using techniques gained over years of experience.  This can ensure the job is completed in a timely manor, saving you money on expensive labour costs.

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